Innovation at the intersection of Arts, Sciences and Technology

1-2 DECEMBER 2015

European Parliament
Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts
Brussels, Belgium.


'I think that more and more we all understand that innovation in the future will be on the intersection of arts and sciences.' (video)
Commissioner Carlos Moedas

'Artistic creativity and critical thinking are essential for innovation in today's digital world.  Already, highly innovative companies like Mercedes thrive on a strong link between artists and their engineers…The EU will support [such] multidisciplinary themes in H2020...
Commissioner Günther Oettinger

Today, it is recognised that the critical skills needed for innovation to happen and to be of value for society are – in addition to scientific and technological skills –skills such as creativity and capacity to involve all of society in the process of (open) innovation. In this context, the Arts are gaining prominence as a catalyst for an efficient conversion of S&T knowledge into novel products, services, and processes and as a catalyst of open approaches in society, research, and business.

This event will focus on innovation through crossovers from culture, in particular artistic practices, to innovation in technology, society, business and regional development. It will cover policy aspects as well as successful examples of crossovers from culture to industry and regional development. Artists will also contribute with their views.

The meeting is organised on invitation by Members of European Parliament from the Committees on Culture and Education (CULT) and Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE). The event will link directly regionally-embedded actors across Europe from private and public sectors.


Innovation responding to the challenges of the 21st century needs cross-disciplinary collaboration across all sectors of industry, culture, academia and society. Commissioners Günther Oettinger, in charge of digital agenda for Europe, and Carlos Moedas, in charge of research, science and innovation , have on various occasions expressed the view that the Arts could be a means to foster innovation in this sense. Carlos Moedas emphasises, in particular, the need for openness: 'Open science – Open innovation – Open world'.

The European Commission has acknowledged the importance of this field in its 2016-2017 work programme in the context of innovation in science and technology. The STARTS – S&T&ARTS – programme will foster collaborations between the art world and science and industry.




TUESDAY 1 DEC 2015 15:00-17:00 European Parliament, room 3H1


15:00-15:25 Introduction by organising MEPs and the European Commission

Carlos Zorrinho, MEP
Ernest Maragall, MEP

Michel Magnier, DG EAC, European Commission
Kilian Gross, Commissioner Günther Oettinger Cabinet, DG CONNECT, European Commission

15:25-15:55 Point of view of art and art institutions
Moderator: Paul Dujardin, director of BOZAR, Belgium

Serges Lasvignes, director Centre George Pompidou, France
Frank Madlener, director IRCAM - Centre George Pompidou, France
Martin Roth, director of V&A, UK
Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Factoría Cultural, Spain

15:55-16:35 Success stories from industry and regional development
Moderator: Arnost Marks, Deputy Vice-Prime Minister for R&D of the Czech Government

Peter Wostner, Ministry for Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia
Peter Weibel, ZKM, Germany
Marleen Stikker, WAAG, Netherlands
Marcos Garcia, Medialab Prado, Spain
Pascal Keiser, The Bridge, France


16:35-17:00 Discussion
Moderators: Ralph Dum, European Commission and Carlos Zorrinho, MEP


19:00-21:30 Walking Dinner and Performance



WEDNESDAY 2 DEC 2015 10:00-13:00 Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, room Rubens.


10:00-10:15 Opening by Mario Campolargo, DG CONNECT and Liliana Rodrigues, MEP

10:15-11:30 Can STARTS drive (open) innovation at a regional level?
How can projects and initiatives in the intersection of the Arts, Sciences and Technologies create and propagate innovations to regional development.

Moderator: Liliana Rodrigues, MEP

Rosina Gómez-Baeza, Factoría Cultural, Spain
Arnost Marks, Deputy Vice-Prime Minister for R&D of the Czech Government
Marie Du Chastel, KIKK Festival, Belgium
Jurij Krpan, Art Director of the Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Oriana Persico and Salvatore Iaconesi, Human Ecosystems, Italy

11:30-11:45 Coffee Break

11:45-13:00 STARTS and Start-ups:
How can STARTS innovate the Start-up culture in Europe and creativity across all industry? What sort of companies are out there in the Start-up world that have an artistic background?

Moderator: Peter Friess, European Commission

Marcos Garcia, Medialab Prado, Spain
Frederik de Wilde, artist, Belgium
Stefan Grosjean, Smappee, Belgium
Stephanie Thirion, Belgian Heroes, Belgium
Pascal Keiser, The Bridge, France
Egbert Lox, Umicore, Belgium

13:00-13:30 open discussion

13:30: closing 

Ralph Dum, European Commission and Luis Miguel Girao, Artshare